Current River & Jacks Fork River
Canoe & Kayak Float Trips

Normal Water Level Conditions

One Day Trips
Round Springs to Two Rivers
Must leave by 9 am
18 8-10 hrs.
Williams Landing to Two Rivers
Must leave by 10 am
11 4-6 hrs.
Two Day Trips
Pulltite to Two Rivers 27 12-14 hrs.
Round Springs to Two Rivers 18 8-10 hrs.
Pulltite to Powder Mill
16-18 hrs.
Round Springs to Powder Mill
11-13 hrs.
Round Springs to Log Yard
16-18 hrs.
Three Day Trips
Baptist Camp to Two Rivers
22-24 hrs.
Cedar Grove to Two Rivers
19-21 hrs.
Akers to Two Rivers
16-18 hrs.
Pulltite to Log Yard
19-21 hrs.
Special One Day Trips
Two Rivers to Powder Mill 7 3-4 hrs.
Two Rivers to Log Yard 18 8-10 hrs.
Powder Mill to Log Yard 10 4-6 hrs.
Longer floats are available for 4, 5, 6 and 7 day floats.
One Day Trips
Alley Spring to Eminence 7 3-4 hrs.
Eminence to Two Rivers 8 3-4 hrs.
Alley Spring to Two Rivers
Must leave by 10 am
15 7-8 hrs.
Bay Creek to Alley Spring 7 3-4 hrs.
Bay Creek to Eminence 14 6-8 hrs.
Two and Three Day Trips
Prongs to Eminence 40 17-19 hrs.
Prongs to Two Rivers 48 22-24 hrs.
17 Bridge to Eminence 31 15-17 hrs.
17 Bridge to Two Rivers 39 18-20 hrs.
Bay Creek to Two Rivers 22 11-13 hrs.
17 Bridge to Alley Spring 24 12-14 hrs.
Bay Creek to Log Yard 41 18-20 hrs.
Eminence to Log Yard 27 12-14 hrs.
Bay Creek to Powder Mill 30 14-16 hrs.
Special One Day Trips
Prongs to 17 Bridge 8 3-4 hrs.
17 Bridge to Rymers 9 4-5 hrs.
Rymers to Bay Creek 8 4-5 hrs.
Prongs to Rymers 17 7-9 hrs.
17 Bridge to Bay Creek 17 9-11 hrs.
Rymers to Alley Spring 15 7-9 hrs.

The Jack’s Fork and Current Rivers are the crown jewels of the Ozark Mountains. Few places in Missouri offer more picturesque surroundings. There is no better way to enjoy these wild, beautiful, pristine streams than to spend a couple of days floating and a night or two camping on the riverbank. Find a perfect spot on the banks of the river, pitch a tent, cook a meal and spend the night by a campfire. Revel in the beauty of the rivers and enjoy nature at its finest.

We offer two and three day floats and even longer if you want to stay an extended time on the river. Overnight floating requires more planning than a day’s floating. You must provide your own camping gear and food. Please call for reservations or more information. 

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